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So you will not lose a thing from your visit in the island of Santorini.

Organise an excursion and add a special element that will bring you closer to the magnificence of the enchanting island of Santorini. Excursion with boat all round the island, with bus in all the known and unknown corners of Santorini, excursion with cooking lessons and also photo tour where you can icon the beauties of the island. Exploit the possibilities that are provided in order to feel the magic and learn more about the hidden treasures of Santorini.

Boat Trips

Around and further.
In front of you the immense light blue of the Aegean. All around the imposing rocks of Santorini and islands that were created by the explosion of the volcano. Use a small or a bigger boat to visit islands around of Santorini such as Folegandros, Anafi, Paros, Mykonos and more. Port Authority of Santorini, tel. 22860-22239.

Bus Trips

Not only blue...
Explore the mainland using a car or the local bus tranportation. The central bus station is at the Square of Fira. In you can find all itineraries, time schedules and any other item of information you may want.
Τel. 22860-25404, 22860-23812.

Photo Tour

Save it for ever.
Charming, mysterious, imposing. You feel its uniqueness from the very first moment you face its Caldera from the ship. Where am I? Is this another world? Could this be the island where nature proves that there is no limit to beauty? Keep it for ever with you, either by exploring it by your self or using one of the professional photographers of the island. Using their own car they will drive you to unique places and locations.

Cooking Lessons

Cooking lessons that will make you part of the gastronomic habits of Santorini.
Apart from insuperable landscape Santorini is full of smells and flavours that grow exclusively in the particular ground of the island. So do not lose the chance to undertake the cooking lessons and take with you all the essential knowledge in order to create amazing recipes with a santorinian twist. Learn to create craved dishes with plum Santorinian tomatoes, fava, and caper in splendid combinations and flavours that will keep live the zest from your visit in the island of Santorini. Try to make koufeto, meletinia and other local and Greek recipes learning the secrets and the virtuosity.
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